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Any sport involves a lot of physical strength and fitness. It demands the combination of agility, endurance and speed. If you are into football or you have a child who wants to grow up to be a football player, then the need for proper and healthy food is a must. All you need to do is stay healthy, active and energised. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a professional player. You need to keep nutrition as a priority of yours, and that is what we will talk about today.

Let us start with the essential things that must find a place on your plate.


You need a lot of energy to play football, and that will come from carbohydrates. It is the most critical source of right energy. According to professionals, carbs need to make at least sixty-five per cent of your daily calorie consumption.


Not all carbohydrates are as healthy as the others. You need more products that are whole-grain. It should have vitamins, minerals and fibre. Include pasta, crackers, cereals and bread that are whole grain. They have no added sugar and fat in them. Legumes and beans are essential too. Don’t indulge in unhealthy and junk food like cakes, fries and potatoes. They have a high-calorie content and lack the needed minerals and vitamins. It causes a gain in weight too. Replace junk with vegetables, fruits and healthy grains.


Another vital nutrient that is needed is proteins. They help to repair the wear and tear of muscles along with building them. Proteins make fifteen per cent of the calorie consumption. Lean protein or the ones that you get from fish, poultry, low-fat products of dairy, nuts and eggs. Balance the nutrients you need by combining both carbohydrates and proteins. Yoghurt smoothies that are low-fat, a turkey sandwich with the use of whole grain bread, peanut butter, bananas and fruits are an excellent way to get the right kind of proteins.

When is the right time for the intake of nutrition?

Apart from the right kind of food, the timing of intake of meals is also very crucial. It determines the ability and strength a player has during games, practices, and training. To get the right nutrition before a game, you need to consume a meal rich in carbohydrates a couple of hours before the game. In case the game is about to take place during the noon, have a plate of pasta(whole-grain) in the morning hours. Eggs, toast, waffles and pancakes are useful items to consume if there is an evening match.

Make sure you keep a track on the consumption of snacks and a lot of fluids. Water, beverages, and juice are essential for a player too. Protein bar, fruits or nuts can be the perfect snack for players. It can be consumed an hour before the start of the game or practice. Fatty and unhealthy foods should be restricted as much as possible. It is hard to digest and burn off. Eating fat before a match will result in less energy than that is needed. Upset stomach, digestion problems and gastrointestinal disorders can occur too. Sports drinks are a fantastic way to boost up the energy level in a child.

After playing rules to follow

You need to recover from the game that you just played or the needs your body has after a training session has to be compiled with. Players lose a lot of water by sweating even in the coldest and severe conditions. That is why they need to rehydrate every bit of water that they have just lost. Apart from fluids, players also lose minerals like sodium and potassium. Sports drinks, water, coconut water, juice, beverages and other liquids will help to regain the loss of electrolytes.

Players feel extremely hungry after a match. This should be taken care of by consuming carbohydrates. Whole-grain crackers, granola bars, pretzels, fruits and other fruits. This should then be followed by the right kind of meal to repair the wear and tear of muscles and takes care of injuries and hunger.


To be in shape, an athlete has to eat food that is rich in nutrients and not relies on supplements. It is a mistake that a player can’t make. Once you break your diet, it can’t be mended with supplements. You can use protein powder but only after you have finished a workout or training session. A player needs vitamin D, fish oil along with protein powder on a daily basis. Take multivitamins to make sure your body is not running low on minerals and vitamins.

Importance of breakfast

To be an athlete, you have to eat your breakfast every day. Studies prove that those who eat breakfast on a daily basis consume more protein than others who don’t eat breakfast. This will help to maintain the low percentage of body fat. When you go to sleep and wake up in the morning your body is in a zone that was fasting. If you can’t afford to lose your muscle mass, then consumption of breakfast is very important. Hydration is important too. Stay away from cereals that have a lot of sugar. Check out the best money saving website of 2018, www.VoucherBucket.co.uk for your different athletic needs.

What determines that a player will be great? It is the things that he or she consumes. Muscular body with body fat that is minimum will be ensured by these measures.

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