Having a baby is a joyful feeling until a few months when you realise the criticalities of wooing your child. This happy feeling brings along responsibilities and appropriate planning to up bring a healthy and active baby. To ease up your full-time unpaid job of being parents, I have a few products for you to rely on.

baby products
Arm’s Reach Mini-2-in-1 Ezee Co-Sleeper Bassinet

The midnight alarm to feed your baby with sleepless nights walking out of bed to reach their cradle and put them back to sleep, it’s all so tiresome! To avoid your night trips to satiate the baby, this co-sleeper is to the rescue. The Arm’s Reach Mini-2-in-1 Ezee Co-Sleeper Bassinet attaches to your bed and creates an unseamed surface for your baby to lie down. The sides of this bassinet are readjust able, so you can just drop down the one towards you, and you are just an arm’s length away from your little one. Just roll on towards him and feed them without even sitting up.

Fisher-Price Auto Rock and Play Sleeper

This automated, lightweight sleeper is just the right bed for newborns to snooze and get cosy. Rocking the baby to sleep sometimes takes more time than required (if you have a mischievous kid I doubt he’d ever stop crying if you don’t swing) and at night, it takes your sleep away. The Fisher play sleeper is a fan favourite. Its inclined seat helps the baby to get instantly cosy, and it gently rocks when you press a button. No more arm trouble!

BabyDam Bathtub Divider

A bathtub triple the size of your tiny baby makes every parent use the kitchen sink and risk the chances of injuring the baby with the faucet. With advancements made in technology, some scientist with a baby found a breakthrough to this difficulty. BabyDam Bathtub Divider has controlled bathtub for your baby. Keeping his size and space in mind, you can attach the divider to your large bathtub and have fun time splashing water while you are on either side of the tub. No drowning, no water wastage, no risk, no fear! Irony how this divider might just bring you two closer!

RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier

Your baby is too young to care about hygiene and cleanliness. While the toddler crawls all around the house, he will pick up any fancy looking item and shove it in the mouth (without your knowledge). With the constant urge of nibbling, comes a pacifier that drops thousands of times on the floor. The germs on the floor are enough to get him ill. To prevent all this scenario, use RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier, made with a shield that automatically shuts when dropped. So, every time your baby uses this paci after a drop, the nipple is clean without even a spec. Get this at a discounted price on Voucherbucket.

ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer

Parents are always scared they might hurt the baby while trimming the little claws that grow faster than M.pyrifera (that’s an alga relax!) ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer is designed with four different cushioned pads each for various stages of growth. With all the difficulties of baby hygiene, this product comes handy to cut down one tedious task.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

This training toothbrush is so adorable that you won’t mind buying for yourself either. The banana infant trainer has soft bristles and edges that will help you teach your baby the concept of brushing. The teether is easily accessible and bends shape (not at all hard on the baby!) without hurting the tender gums of your child. This cute teether is cheap too!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm / Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Diaper poops are hard to clean causing red specs and rashed on your baby’s bottom. Using wipes with loaded chemicals can enhance this issue and cause severe damage to the baby’s fragile skin. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm is an organic, non-toxic diaper cream with a blend of natural herbs and anti-inflammatory oils to soothe the irritation. Another alternative to the Balm is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. If we avoid the not-so-pleasing name, there’s no harm in using this product made organically.

Bambo Nature Diapers

Cloth diapers are always a best option to save your kids from the bulky cotton diapers that itch the skin. But, re-using the cloth diapers is not wise and may cause trouble though not as dangerous as the thick diapers. That is when the idea of nature disposable diapers clicks in! These diapers are made out of natural ingredients without any chemicals. They are soft and smooth on the skin and do not disturb your baby’s sound sleep.

Haaka Breast Pump

A pump a day keeps the trouble away! A manual pump like Haaka will require zero-effort to feed your baby. It is purely made out of food-grade silicone and no toxic mix. The suction is placed right into your breast that pumps milk into the Breast pump. This allows smooth feeding for your baby in and out of the home.

Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf and Nursing cover

Infants need proper feeding from time to time, and if you plan a day out, it becomes quite difficult to feed the baby in the middle of a crowd. Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf and a Nursing cover is a stylish scarf that covers you casually without having eyes on you. Now that you know to buy this fashionable yet cosy scarf and feed your kid without hiding!

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