Have you seen those tiny pocket dogs which just peep out of the pocket in the most adorable way and blink at you? It must be so hard to control ourselves from eating these adorable beings! A woof and a wag of the tail are all that a human needs to forget all their problems. Man’s best friend and forever constant partner, a dog cheers up one’s mood like no other thing in the world.

Study says!

According to studies, people with dogs are more friendly, happier and in general feel complete. Not just dogs, every pet is adorable and close to their owner’s heart. It may even be an iguana or a tiny little hamster. Pets are one of the best creations by God Almighty.


Who are they?

Pets are basically domesticated animals or creatures as adopted by humans over passing years. Initial domestication may have started from jungles, by the ancient man. With time, they have been tamed and made into domesticated animals who bring joy to a person’s life. Not only are they adopted for entertainment purpose, they act as our guardians. They started as serving the purpose of protectors against wild animals, developing into a completely new generation keep-at-home creature who fills our heart with joy. Possibly the reason why people with increasing age to kids, everyone likes a pet for themselves. It turns the house into a thriving place of joy, covering loss or pain, changing a person’s life drastically.

We love the idea of being around them, and their loss just makes us replace them in most instances, however selfish that maybe. What hurts the most is possibly the thought of losing one’s pet. Growing up with a pet, a kid learns various values and adapts to the idea of growing up with a company. A very dear company whom they would share their laughter and heart with. Losing the pet maybe a shattering experience. Be it a dog, a cat, a hamster or even a fish. They are creatures who we nurture to see them grow into a beautiful lively creature.

Helping hands forever:

Kids with special needs are often found to be advised by their physicians to be brought up with a pet. Imagine a mildly autistic child, facing speech problems and communication issues being introduced to a cute little puppy. Firstly, they can find a friend in them, and most importantly a friend who won’t judge. Hence the kid can talk, communicate, play and do whatever he /she wants to, without being judged. Eventually, they will find themselves changing into a more sociable, jovial and talkative person. It is human nature to implement things in life which they learn, whether good or bad.

Pets are the gems one could want in their life. They influence our entire thought process and eventually our lives. They teach us unending love and affection towards people and things. There are old individuals living up to their names, who own 10 cats and are as happy as ever in their content world with cats which look the same to me. That is probably their escape from the otherwise cruel world out there.

There is a pet for every person, someone might be a dog person, and someone might be a cat lover. One thing remains the same, the unexplainable love for them. Coming home from work after a long tired day, to hear your dog waiting eagerly with the kindest scratch on the door a wagging tail and a woof full of love! It is the best feeling ever. Growing with dogs which later breed to give beautiful puppies, whom you can have for maybe your entire life. That is one heck of a feeling indeed! With commercialisation, there are cities introducing the idea of pet cafes. From dog to cat cafes, there’s something for everybody. They are these small cafes which serve amazing food and permits the idea of being amidst pets of various shapes and sizes, whom we can interact and play with. The best idea ever I would say!

Learning such things from life, I may never have had a pet of my own, but when my best friend lost his 5-month-old puppy, it was the most grieving moment of his life. I had never known the real pain of loss until I saw him weep. That is when I learned the loved one can feel over something which was brought in our life way after we knew right from wrong. The feeling of sharing your love with something that will never expect back and stay by you, that is the best kind of love.




trip with kids

By taking a break from our daily busy lives, everyone must go on a family/friends journey to get a peace of mind. While a road trip or a flight abroad may sound like a fun way to blow off some steam and hang out with your loved ones, it can also become a nightmarish experience if traveled with kids.

Traveling with children can become a tedious adventure instead of the exciting one you were planning all along. Kids, with their crying, yelling and nagging can strike fear into the hearts of their parents. That alone eliminates the purpose of having fun during a journey. Although, a little bit of planning when it comes to packing stuff for the entire family can go a long way. Hence, it is necessary to pack like a pro every time we are about to embark on a journey.

trip with kids

For packing for the entire family, especially for kids, the following are some of the tips and cues which are needed to be developed for your next trip:

  • Make a list: Making a list of everyone’s needs, and essentials would make you feel in control. Start making this list days before your journey to make sure that there are no last day additions to the luggage.
  • Save space for kids: After completing the list, remove all the unnecessary items for the elders and make sure to carry as many essentials for children as possible. It ‘s hard for the kids to adjust away from home, even if it is a short journey.
  • Carry a lunchbox: There are chances that children will not like the food available on airplanes or at airports. So it is necessary to cook home-made food for your kids with which they already accustomed with. But also, make sure that the food you are carrying is as light as possible since abundant food can cause serious stomach problems to kids during a journey.

Also, some of the traveling essentials for children for long trips are as follows:

  • For long road trips, make sure you carry a lot of fun activity materials so that kids can engage themselves whenever they feel bored. It is one of the best ways to divert their minds if they are making the journey difficult for others. Such activity materials may include coloring books, sticker books, board games or portable video game devices.
  • It doesn’t matter if it is a road trip or a flight journey, there must always be an extra pair of clothes for kids. And especially for babies, you need to carry a couple of more diapers than usual. In case the flight gets delayed by a few hours, you don’t want to find yourself short on supplies.
  • A portable DVD player with earphones too can distract their attention entirely from wreaking havoc in a journey. Also, other mobile devices like mp3 players can go a long way in making them sleep. All you need to do is upload some jingles in the player and plug it in your children’ ears at low volume.
  • Parents must also carry necessary medicines and a first aid kit if their children are allergic to anything. Also, long journeys can give upset stomachs to anyone, so it is even more important to carry them. Apart from medicines, taking thermometer, bandages, Vaseline, hot water bottles are also a must for any journey.


Lastly, if the kids are matured and understanding enough, you can teach them yourself on how to pack cleverly for a journey. Instead of causing problems for the entire family, it helps the children to stay focused on their activities. And once the voyage remained trouble-free from your kids, you can finally enjoy the much-needed break you deserved.