Monsoons are the most awaited season of the year. It’s the time when everything rejuvenates, and the surroundings seem cogently lively. Monsoons are also a great time to travel and explore the scenic beauty of places.

However, there are a few things to look out for and swear by during monsoons. If you’re planning to travel and get drenched in the scintillating beauty of nature, make sure you pack the right things for your journey.

Here are the best seven travel tips for monsoon:

Carry raincoats and umbrellas: Raincoats and umbrellas are a must for the monsoons. Getting caught in the rain is quite common and often leads to little ailments such as flu and fever due to unpreparedness. Therefore, it is always advised to check the weather predictions for the day before you step out, but one must also stay prepared for sudden showers. Make sure you carry an umbrella and raincoat handy while travelling in monsoons. If you’re going to hilly regions, avoid trekking or hiking during monsoon, because the roads and soil turn slippery and moist.


Make sure you protect technology: Rains can be a real pain for your gadgets and devices. When travelling during monsoons, it is mandatory to ensure that they are shielded well from the weather. Pack them in waterproof cases or keep them safe in a waterproof bag. If you’re taking your phone along with you on a trek, cover it in a ziplock bag so that unexpected showers don’t hamper its functioning.

Avoid street food or water: One of the most crucial tips to swear by when travelling in monsoon is to avoid street food or outside water. Street food might seem tempting especially during monsoon, also because of the hype around it. But one should avoid at all costs. Monsoons also invite a lot of insects and bacterias apart from rains. Furthermore, any open food or unhygienic activities lead to the cultivation of bacteria, turning into ailments or diseases. If you have to consume unfiltered water, make sure you boil it before drinking. Try to eat and drink packaged food and drinks to minimize the risk of infections during monsoon.

Carry an insect repellent: Insects tend to go rampant during monsoons. Especially when you’re on the go, there are chances that you will be exposed to mosquitoes and other bugs. To prevent insect-borne disease, make sure you carry appropriate insect repellants and medicines. You can also apply repellent lotions and cloth tags that keep mosquitoes away due to their odour. Most importantly, do not go near insect breeding grounds.

Don’t forget your hair dryer: Hair dryers must be kept handy during monsoons. The weather mostly turns unexpected, and you may get wet in the showers. Leaving your hair damp and damp can develop scalp bacterias. This can leave you with problems such as frizzy hair and itchy scalp. This is more than just a beauty tip and will help you keep your scalp clean dry. Leaving your head wet after drenching in rains can lead to flu and cold. So, keep your dryer handy and your hair healthy.

Choose your footwear wisely: During monsoons, you need to pay particular attention to your shoe. The roads tend to be slippery and at times muddy too. Make sure you choose footwear that’s comfortable and protects your feet wisely during rains. It is best advised to keep all your fancy and leather footwear at home, to prevent them from being spoilt due to the mud and litter on the roads. Floaters and sandals are one of the best options for monsoons. Also, do not wear shoes when on the go. It is because if your feet get wet, they will not dry up soon and your boot will remain damp for a long time. Wear waterproof shoes, if you’re trekking or hiking in monsoons.

Pack synthetic clothes: It’s not surprising to get caught in the rain in the monsoon. Sooner or later there are chances that your clothes will be dripping wet. For this reason, it is best advised to pack synthetic clothes for travelling. Synthetic garments dry up much faster than others. Moreover, clothes that remain wet for long become damp and start releasing the false odour. Packing synthetic garments leave you hassle-free in the rains.

Monsoons are indeed a tricky season to travel. As refreshing as it may seem, travelling also comes with little hassles. But, by packing smart and light, you can get the best of the season on your journey.

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